Whats Your Thoughts?

Salutations Relatives,

Let’s Share Thoughts, Ideas and Views on different issues. Tell me what is important to you. I value your input to better our Nation, it’s time to move forward now!

Once Again, Thank You For Your Support.

Dave Archambault II


Share below!

3 thoughts on “Whats Your Thoughts?

  1. Our children! I have a problem with our SRES suggesting and pressuring parents to put our kids on ADHD meds. They are not doctors and don’t have a clue on how those bad meds affects our childrens young brilliant minds. Where are the values in that? Something needs to change out there the sooner the better!


  2. Dave, hey buddy, you have a ton of support down on the south dakota side there is a need for more tribal contractors and more tribal people working in the construction industry, i see that many contractors opt to pay tero fees rather than hire natives and i dont think that this is right if they dont want our people then they dont deserve our contracts,


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