“Being Born Under The Star of a Leader, Does Not Make One Shine”


Leadership & Candidate Archambault

There are many variables that can work together to make a good leader.  A primary and constant indicator in looking at any candidate for leadership is to review the family unit that the candidate has created, because this is the foundation for everything else, such as daily interaction and deeds.  Another indicator is to look at experience.  What kind of work has been acquired or produced.  Even schooling is experience or a form of work that allows a person to be more knowledgeable and how to apply learning to practical work experience.  Another important variable is the values that a person demonstrates.  This can be easily seen by simply asking, “What does the potential leader do with their non-work time ?”  What a person does with their spare time visibly shows their Values.

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“Spirituality Ways Of Life”



I believe in a Creator.  All Nations on the face of the earth have
some sort of faith or faiths that they advocate for good moral
behavior.  Our Lakota/Dakota people are certainly no different.  In
fact there are many instances where the invading settlers and calvary
made praising statements as to the virtuous guiding force within
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