Dave continues the fight against corporations by joining First Nation Health Care


Published December 17, 2017

TULSA, OKLAHOMA – Dave Archambault II, the former tribal chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, has joined FirstNation HealthCare as a full-time executive. Archambault who led the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s resistance to Dakota Access pipeline, will be the Tulsa-based firm’s Chief Consulting Officer.

Part of his responsibilities will include bolstering FirstNation HealthCare’s strategies for working with tribal governments in Indian Country. FirstNation HealthCare is the only Indian-owned broker and claims administrator in the United States which exclusively focuses on tribal governments and American Indian business enterprises.

“During the Standing Rock movement, I committed to continuing to fight against injustices committed against all those who came to stand with us at Standing Rock. Of all the great injustices committed against Indigenous people in the United States, one of the greatest is certainly the broken treaty promise of providing healthcare to Native peoples,” says Archambault. “Today, we recognize our ability to work outside the system forced upon us and instead to create our own opportunity and success story within a different framework. FirstNation HealthCare is doing that on behalf of the health care of tribal citizens.”

Welcoming Archambault to FirstNation HealthCare is former Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R – Colorado), a board member and strategist at the firm.

“Dave Archambault is the embodiment of a modern day diplomatic warrior, and it is clear to anyone that he fought on behalf of his tribe with the purest and strongest of intentions,” comments Senator Campbell. “I am confident that he will continue to bring that spirit forward throughout his career and am grateful that he joined FirstNation as we work together in furtherance of Native American health and wellbeing.”

Archambault was defeated in his bid for reelection to be tribal chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in September by Mike Faith.


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