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Just when it seems like no matter what you do, it is never good enough – Someone sends you a message, a text, an email, or a prayer. Over the past year, I got a lot of messages and I keep them close to my heart. Someday I will share them.


Dave Archambault II On Native America Calling

Dave Archambault II was ask to join Native America Calling.Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In case you missed it you can listen now….

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Skilled jobs are in high demand throughout the United States. Companies that handle construction, oil and gas, mechanics or alternative energy need workers with specific skills sets. Are Native Americans considering these careers? In the boarding school era, students were sometimes forced to learn a trade, which didn’t always lead to employment when they returned home. Does this history create a negative impression of skilled jobs today? Every community needs skilled labor but are there workers available with the right training to take on those jobs?

No Fracking



If I am elected chairman of the SRST, I know that one of the biggest challenges that my administration will face is the looming issue of extracting oil with well pressure drilling, called Fracking. My intention would be to study the issue so as to determine the best way for our Tribe to cope with its advancement onto our reservation.

Here are the givens as I see them right now. Fracking is without a doubt detrimental to our reservation. Its development will probably damage our environment; therefore I am definitely not in favor of this. Many Tribes have simply passed legislation that prohibits its development. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe currently has a resolution prohibiting fracking and I am in support of the resolution. Continue reading

“Being Born Under The Star of a Leader, Does Not Make One Shine”


Leadership & Candidate Archambault

There are many variables that can work together to make a good leader.  A primary and constant indicator in looking at any candidate for leadership is to review the family unit that the candidate has created, because this is the foundation for everything else, such as daily interaction and deeds.  Another indicator is to look at experience.  What kind of work has been acquired or produced.  Even schooling is experience or a form of work that allows a person to be more knowledgeable and how to apply learning to practical work experience.  Another important variable is the values that a person demonstrates.  This can be easily seen by simply asking, “What does the potential leader do with their non-work time ?”  What a person does with their spare time visibly shows their Values.

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