“Wanna Thokata Iyaya” Lets Move Forward Now!


The Standing Rock Sioux Tribes will face very trying times for the next ten years. The United States government engaged in two wars overseas, and suffered a devastating terrorist attack. In order to pay for these actions, Congress has spent trillions of dollars. Now, the government is in real danger because of the deficit that was created and Congress has passed legislation that attempts to balance the national budget by repaying the debt over the next ten years. The plan is to cut federal spending across the national budget. This is called Sequestration and our SRST will feel its impact starting this year.

I am asking for the vote of the Standing Rock Tribal Members because I believe I have the ability to implement plans and meet the challenges of decreasing federal funding that is happening. Specifically, I want to evaluate all our current tribal departments that the Tribal Chairman oversees, and then find ways to improve the services with less funding. Next, if I am elected, I believe our Tribal service directors must become aggressive in seeking new sources of funding. I will see that every program has a concrete plan to seek new funding and submit proposals. I will do everything possible to assist and realize this goal.

UNITY – I had the opportunity to be elected into Tribal Council from 2007 to 2011. During this tenure i was directly involved with Water Rights, Excess Corps Lands, JTAC, Nation Building, Wind Energy and Gaming. It is important to know that as a Council member I dutifully attended all Council meetings and learned the issues that confronts the Tribe on an annual basis. This experience is invaluable to my candidacy, because I fully understand the daunting task that lies ahead.

Having this tribal governance knowledge has convinced me that it is imperative that our Tribe unite and become as one in order to face the future. I have experience as a High School basketball coach and as such I saw first handed the debilitating consequences of pulling together on many issues that hit the floor of the Council. To me, it was like trying to win a basketball game, when the team is divided. It is impossible, and so I will do everything I can to unify our Tribe, in order to make moving forward easier.

Specifically, I want to assist each and every one of our districts in the development of strategic plans. I know there is currently an effort going on now, and to this I praise our present Chairman, and state that I will personally become involved. I want to go to the districts and give them support. This grass-roots driven initiative is where unity begins. It is where Self-Sufficiency must begin. All districts must feel and understand that we must all move together. If one is slipping, we will all slip.

There are many other ideas that I have and I hope to present them and move on them, such as utilizing our water resource, and developing our human resources with a skills bank to employ our members readily for employment, and protecting our beautiful lands as we find ways to develop all our assets.

Before I end, I think it is important to state that Mike Faith and myself are both vying for votes and I want the voters to know that I do not hold hard feelings toward anyone who votes for Mike. I totally respect their right to vote. Mike and I have no reason to have hard feelings toward each other and this is the way it should be. I will try my best to become our next Tribal Chairman, as I know Mike is doing too. No matter who wins, I don’t want any bad feelings to arise out of this election. It should just be a good contest and may the Creator be with the candidate who wins, because we will certainly need it.


  • Happily married to Nicole Thunder Hawk for 19 years with two children.
  • Graduated High School, College, and attained a Masters degree in Management
  • Business owner for 11 years – Cannon Ball Pit Stop
  • Managing 19 million dollar project for 4 Tribal Colleges – developing workforce in Indian Country – DeMaND
  • Tribal Council At-Large
  • Sitting Bull College Board Chairperson
  • Mor-Gran-Sou Electric Coop Board Chairperson
  • SRST Water Board
  • High School Basketball Coach for Standing Rock Warriors
  • Native Nations Rebuilder – first cohort participant
  • WETU, Wind Energy Tribes United
  • Bus Driver
  • Fire Fighter
  • Raise Curly Nokota horses & Garden every year

“Wanna Thokata Iyaya” Lets Move Forward Now!

Via: Article In Teton Times

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