The Buffalo

“The Buffalo”


There use to be 10’s of millions of buffalo in three great migration 
herds that lived on the Great Plains of America.  They moved North & 
South from Canada to Mexico setting a cycle of life for everything.
They literally shaped the landscape and worked hand in hand with water
 in giving everything a chance to grow and flourish.  Their hooves
 aerated the soil for so native plants could grow. They would graze 
patches and developed perfect habitats for prairie dogs and all small
 animals. They would wallo and spread seed across vast masses of land, 
that was necessary for all life to exist on the Great Plains.
Our ancestors followed buffalo and grew to better understand the 
relationships between everything.  They observed how the buffalo carried
 them selves as responsible respectful beings.

Important teachings and lessons for life came from buffalo.
Our creation story, the white buffalo calf woman, and how the buffalo 
followed the stars are all examples of the buffalo’s influence upon our 
thought and philosophy. And so our ancestors were thankful for this great 
relative and respected him because he not only shared teachings but he
 gave himself so that we could have food, clothing, shelters, and

normal_buffalo herd 24x36 240dpi

When the buffalo almost went extinct, everything across the prairie
 changed. Our people changed. Today the buffalo numbers are coming 
back. We see care takers and scientists who are finally realizing the need for this majestic animal. The buffalo story is our story too. As we see our brothers recovery from near extinction, so too are we becoming aware of our own, and it is time for our people to begin our recovery.
The prairies perhaps will never be the same but our brother th
e buffalo, and our people have a real responsibility to move 
It is comeback time and this is why our brother has been selected as a
 symbol for my campaign.


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