“Spirituality Ways Of Life”



I believe in a Creator.  All Nations on the face of the earth have
some sort of faith or faiths that they advocate for good moral
behavior.  Our Lakota/Dakota people are certainly no different.  In
fact there are many instances where the invading settlers and calvary
made praising statements as to the virtuous guiding force within
Indian people.

So I do believe in a Creator, just as our people did.  I do believe
it is good to seek the Creators help in our daily existence.  I
respect any person who understands a Creator.  I doesn’t matter to me
how or which faith or church they believe in. No one way to pray is better.

As for those who don’t have a faith or practice a faith, I don’t
condemn them in any way.  I just know that our people were known for
their spirituality.  And I know our people were known as people of
great character and I believe our spirituality helped them to
understand and walk on earth with a better understanding as to how to
treat all creation and simply how to be.  I think it is good to
practice spirituality as often as possible.

What was good enough for our people in the past is good enough for me today.

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